When Is The Right Time To Eat Protein?

June 5, 2017

eat protein

Yes, we are all way too busy to make time in the day for the perfect nutrition and diet, and getting enough healthy nutrients can sometimes be mission impossible. However, making sure your body gets everything it needs, and knowing when to eat which types of food can indeed be crucial for your overall health, figure, and happiness.

Knowing when to eat carbs and protein in the day is paramount for optimal body performance, brain activity, balanced mood, and your productivity.

Recently we talked about when is the right time to eat carbs, now we are doing the same for protein.

Protein At Breakfast Is A Must

According to Elizabeth Ann Shaw, MS, RDN, CLT, we should sometimes simply listen to our body and its craves. Eating protein in the morning has been found to be rather beneficial for your body as it makes sure you have enough energy for all the endeavors throughout the day.

A nice and rich egg omelet is a slam dunk for breakfast.

Try Not To Eat Excess Protein At Night

Shaw also says that it is smart to avoid high fat and hard to digest proteins late in the evening, especially if you are prone to indigestion.

“A nice PM snack of whole grain oatmeal and cinnamon may be better tolerated,” says Shaw.

Eat Protein & Carbs After Working Out

If you like exercising and have a nice workout plan to help you lose weight and shape your figure, you will want to eat both carbs and protein after a workout to replenish your body.

Susan Berkman, a registered dietitian at The Ohio state University Wexner Medical Center, says that we should eat protein “within 30 minutes” after our workout session.

“As your body works to repair and build your muscles, you need protein to provide essential amino acids needed in this process, and since you’ve depleted your glycogen stores while exercising, you need to replenish this by eating carbs,” Berkman explains.

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