What Not To Eat: Smell-Offensive Foods You Shouldn’t Bring To The Office

November 13, 2015


We all love different kinds of foods – some smell nice while others are totally repulsive when it comes to their odor.

The majority of people usually know which foods of the smelly kind shouldn’t be eaten in the office, but there are still some others that have no clue what so ever.

If you’re one of them, here’s some help in the form of The Office Diet. Keep these foods out of your office space if you want to have good relationships with your colleagues.

If you stick to these guidelines, you might even shed a few pounds.


It may taste delicious, but popcorn has a pretty strong odor, especially the microwave kind. And if the microwave popcorn comes with butter you’re bound t get a few shady looks when you munch on this snack. Keep your popping at home.

Fast Food

McDonalds, KFC, Chipotle, and other fast food franchises offer a wide variety of meals, but they all have something in common – their smell is really distinctive. No one wants to smell you double cheeseburger while they’re munching on their salad. Some of your colleagues may find the smell repulsive, so eat your fast food treats outside.

Hard Boiled Eggs

Do we need to say anything? Eggs don’t smell bad just when they’re rotten – they can overwhelm air even when they’re freshly boiled. Don’t be that person. You know, the egg guy/gal.


Fish is a definite no-no. No meals that are made of this healthy but off-smelling meat should be eaten anywhere near your office, and definitely not reheated in the shared office microwave! Your colleagues won’t settle on giving you the stink eye – you might get a black eye if you sin like this.

Hot Dogs

No, no, no. No one likes when their office smells like a bunch of processed-until-you-can’t-detect-what’s-in-it meat, pickles, mustard, and whatever you may put in your hot dog. No one.

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