Using Almonds Like A Pro Reap All Of Their Benefits

November 17, 2015


Almonds are one of nature’s greatest treasures and it’s often suggested that they should be consumed on a daily basis. However, some people don’t really know how to reap all of the many benefits that almonds offer. As usual, we’re here to get you covered!

Sauce It Up

Almond butter can be an amazing ingredient for many different sauces, as it offers a whole variety of health benefits while also complementing the dish perfectly. It goes amazingly well with steamed or sautéed vegetables, some type of healthy starch, and lean protein. The best thing about it is that it will leave you feeling light but energized and satisfied in every way.

Smooth Smoothies

Smoothies that contain almonds can be made in two ways, and it all comes down to the power of your blender.

If you have a powerful blender you can use whole almonds, but if not, you can toss in some almond butter.

All healthy, high quality smoothies have to contain vitamins, antioxidants, minerals, and some protein, and almonds only make things better as they help the absorption of antioxidants.

Top It Off

Almond crumbles are an amazing addition to any desert not just because of their taste but also due to the many healthy nutrients they contain. Whether you want to sprinkle some crumbles almonds on low-fat ice cream, fruit, or on a piece of healthy homemade pie, don’t skip the opportunity to make you desert healthier!

Enrich You Favorite Meals

And we don’t mean just by complementing them with almond sauce. Chop, slice, or sliver some almonds right in the pan, and prepare to be amazed by the taste! You can use almonds in a stir fry, soup, cooked veggie mixes, grain mixes, and almost every other meal imaginable.

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