Top 3 Healthy Weight Loss Cooking Channels On YouTube Right Now

August 1, 2017

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We at MyDiet love to try new weight loss healthy recipes. Aside from our own category for healthy weight loss foods and recipes, we also wanted to check out some of the coolest healthy cooking channels on YouTube at the moment.

Here are 3 new healthy weight-loss and fitness channels.

Fit Men Cook

Kevin Curry, the main man behind this cooking channel, decided to get in shape one day and wanted to “out train” his poor diet at the time.

However, he soon realized that eating healthy is way more important than exercising in order to lose weight.

He then started experimenting with his cooking and managed to come up with meals that are:

  • Healthy
  • Simple
  • Affordable
  • Delicious

Fit Men Cook is best for budget recipes. Watch his 5 meals for 5 days video below:

High Carb Hannah

Hannah Howlett, aka High Carb Hannah, managed to lose over 70 pounds (31 kilograms) in just over a year and according to her, it was all about eating lots of potatoes!

Her secret is a whole-foods and plant-based diet that is high in starchy carbohydrates. Hannah documented her interesting weight-loss journey which is now available on her YouTube channel.

Watch her weight loss transformation video below:

Carly Rowena

Rowena is a certified personal trainer and fitness blogger who wanted to bring her passion for fitness and health to a higher level so she took up video blogging and started her own workout and healthy cooking YouTube channel.

Watch one of her most popular videos below:

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