Top 3 Free Diet Apps For Summer 2017

May 30, 2017

diet apps

Anyone who has ever tried to eat healthy and lose weight right before the summer knows just how real the struggle actually is.

Junk foods and processed foods are too available, while busy work schedules can make it pretty hard for us to find a workout plan that actually works.

This is where free diet apps and free weight loss apps come in.

According to The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC), more than one-third of adults in the United States are obese.

These numbers are quite alarming, which is why we tried to find top 3 diet apps that are currently most popular in America.

So, let’s app up, shall we!

Calorie Counter & Diet Tracker

(Available for iPhone and Android)

Finally, there is a great way to count calories! We all know that counting calories is a one of the crucial steps if you want to keep yourself on track with weight loss.

The Calorie Counter by My Fitness Pal makes this look easy.

This useful app has a database of over 5 million foods which lets you enter and save meals rather quickly and easily, while Calorie Counter also connects to several other fitness apps and devices and allows you to import and track recipes found online.

Lose It

(Available for iPhone and Android)

Lose It is a cool new app that will create a customized weight loss plan just for you! The app uses the information you enter to come up with a customized weight loss plan for your body specifically.

Lose It users can track their food intake and exercise as well as set diet goals they would like to meet in near future.

The app’s insights section will also help you choose just the right foods for your weight loss plan. Cool beans!

Ideal Weight

( Available for Android)

Learning your Body Mass Index (BMI) is no longer that complicated! Now, with Ideal Weight, you can calculate your BMI based on the numbers you enter for your height and weight.

The app will give you the number for what your ideal weight range should be, so you can work from there.

After checking out these top free diet and weight loss apps, make sure you take a look at our list of top 3 free fitness apps as well.

One can never be too fit!

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