Top 15 Healthiest Vegetables On The Planet


Preserving your health and staying fit ultimately comes down to food. Sure, there are things like calorie counting, exercising, and potion control along the way, but it’s mostly food that determines whether we can maintain a healthy weight or not.

Among all the possible foods we can consume, experts and scientists alike have agreed that veggies are the healthiest. In that name, here are the top 15 healthiest vegetables on the planet.

1. Collard Greens

Let’s start off with a vegetable that’s so packed with vitamin C that it could easily give the orange a run for its money.

Contrary to popular belief, collard greens are actually no less healthy than kale or spinach: with over 100 grams of vitamins A and C per serving and a whole lot of calcium, this vegetable finds itself deservingly at the top of this list.

Collard greens might not be regular guests at many tables, but considering the fact that they contain so many beneficial nutrients and compounds, we expect you to introduce them into your diet if you want to become healthy and stay that way.

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