Top 13 Tricks Restaurants Use To Fool You


If you think you are selecting a dish on the menu you’re really craving, think again! Restaurant owners resort to various tricks and manipulations to make a profit, and their techniques include using certain colors, descriptions and even layouts on the menu to direct you towards pricier items.

1. The Golden Triangle

The psychology of menu design claims that most people resort to the “golden triangle” technique when choosing their food at a restaurant.

They say we usually start examining a menu from the middle and then move to top right corner before finally getting to the top left corner.

Based on these finding menu engineers place high profit margin dishes in these areas because a customer is more likely to choose a meal they see there.

In other words, next time you’re at a restaurant study the menu in a different way to avoid being victim of menu engineering, and save some money while you’re at it.

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