Top 13 Foods That Will Give You Food Poisoning


Food poisoning is a relatively common problem that many people face at some point in their life, and although in most cases it’s not fatal, it is serious and can be particularly dangerous for vulnerable groups, such as children, the elderly and pregnant women.

Sources of food contamination are various and include bacteria salmonella and listeria, which can be eliminated through cooking, but not all food we eat goes though heat treatment. Our list contains the foods that pose a major risk to your health and could lead to food poisoning.

1. Raw Eggs

Raw eggs are very likely to give you food poisoning, accounting for more than 10,000 food-related illnesses in the last few years.

Although the likelihood of getting food poisoning from raw eggs has decreased over the past couple of decades, they are still one of the “riskiest” foods you could be consuming.

It is the bacteria called salmonella that is to blame for food poisoning coming from raw eggs, and the trouble lies in the fact that salmonella can’t be detected before it enters the body and wreaks havoc.

Salmonella penetrates the eggs before they are even hatched, contaminating your food and posing a potential threat. Eggs are consumed raw when certain cakes or sweets are made or in instances in which people drink them for various reasons. The truth is, eggs are best consumed scrabbled, hard-boiled or coddled if you want all the benefits without exposing yourself to any risks.

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