Top 10 Sources Of Hidden Sugar That Weren’t On Your Radar


Our fast-paced lifestyle usually forces us to eat on the go and try to get away with eating less healthy foods every once in a while under the assumption that we can override the negative effects by working out more or having a salad for lunch tomorrow. One of the biggest culprits for numerous health problems found in foods, particularly those we presume to be healthy, is sugar. Today we focus on some of the foods that are unlikely “carriers” of sugar that can actually ruin our diet, nutritional plan or workout results.

1. “Healthy” Cereals

Cereals found on the shelves of most supermarkets are loaded with sugar, but that probably doesn’t surprise you.

Sugary cereals filled with chocolate or other sweeteners don’t disguise much and this isn’t healthy food – this is setting yourself up to fail by consuming something that is nowhere near healthy.

On the other hand, other cereals advertised as “healthy” or “whole-grain” are sources of hidden sugar that nobody needs as there is more than enough sugar in veggies and fruits.

Our advice is to stay away from cereals that are crunchy, crispy and contain clusters of grains. The reason behind this observation is the fact that such crunchy, crispy clusters of bits and pieces acting as cereal are held together by sugar and fat.

In would be best to separately purchase plain oat, buckwheat, rye or barley cereal that you add sunflower or pumpkin seeds to and you are as close to knowing what’s in your food as you possibly can be.

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