Top 10 Most Restrictive Diets


Losing weight by following a diet is not as easy as some people think. Dieting usually requires you to be careful with your calories, nutrient intake, size of your meals, and you’ll more often than not need a fair amount of determination and persistency.

However, there are certain diets that promote weight loss through dramatic changes in eating habits and ridiculous restrictions, usually resulting in malnutrition and other health problems rather than a drop in weight. In that name, here are the 10 most restrictive diets.

1. Breatharianism

There are restrictive diets that are somewhat problem-causing or dangerous, and then there are those labeled as downright insane and completely bogus.

One of those diets goes by the name of Breatharianism, which tells you that you can lose weight through the power of air and sun.

When it comes to being restrictive, Breatharianism can easily be called the “Mother of restrictive diets.”

This is because unlike most restrictive diets, this one includes absolutely no food in its weight loss regimen.

The philosophy behind this diet tells us that the only thing we need to lose weight is sunlight and air. Needless to say, breathing is an important factor in our lives, but it’s far from being enough to keep us that way.

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