Top 10 Diet Tricks That Don’t Require Exercise


Anyone who’s ever tried to shake of those stubborn extra pounds knows how difficult it can be. Eat less, exercise more seems simple enough, but it never is.

Cut back on calories too much, and you will end up overwhelmed by hunger, plus it can actually cause your metabolism to slow down.

Exercise too much and a few hours later the hunger may trigger some massive over-eating sessions and it might bring back everything you’ve burned off.

However, we’ve tried some research-based tricks that can actually help you shed the unwanted weight without going on an extreme diet or exercise regimen. Here are 10 easy tricks on how to get that coveted beach-body before summer knocks on your door.

10. Hot Soup before the Meal

Make sure you always eat a bowl of hot soup before the main course. Many studies suggest this helpful and delicious method really helps people eat less.

“That’s probably because you can’t eat hot soups fast, which gives your digestive tract time to send satiety signals out to your brain before you begin the next course,” says Adriane Fugh-Berman, MD and Associate Professor in the Department of Pharmacology and Physiology at Georgetown University Medical Center.

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She also recommends choosing regular soup over the cream-based ones in order to save on fat and calories. It is also a matter of not having enough room for eating during the main course. Delicious soup, AND you get to not over-eat. It’s a win-win scenario, really.

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