Tips On How To Keep A Successful Food Journal

April 3, 2017

Staying fit isn’t just about going to the gym and buying healthy food.

In order to get real results one must also keep a food journal so they can get their nutrition in balance more quickly.

Keeping a food journal is a simple yet rather effective way to monitor all the calories you eaten throughout your day, which is paramount when it comes to perfecting your nutrition and staying fit.

Just to put things into perspective, Kaiser Permanente performed a study in 2008 during which participants who kept a food journal were able to lose twice as much weight in comparison to those who didn’t keep track of their calorie intake.

So, without further ado, check out the following easy steps toward making the most out of your food diary.

Write Down Of EVERYTHING, Even The Snacks

Most people tend to forget that snacks are also food and that they are packed with empty calories. We all eat side snacks on a daily basis and we usually eat them when we are not even hungry.

That chocolate bar that is so invitingly sitting right there is sometimes the main culprit when it comes to not losing weight as fast as you wanted.

This is exactly where keeping a food journal comes in as it will help you cut down the unnecessary calories right in the bud.

Keep It Simple

Overthinking and paying too much attention to details won’t get you far either. “Yes, keeping a food journal is very useful and will almost certainly help you sculpt your figure and shed those love-handles, but make sure it doesn’t turn into a full-blown and detailed whitepaper,” says

Make sure you stick to the basics:

  • Portions
  • Macros
  • Time
  • Location

Which brings us to our last tip:

Write Down WHERE You Eat What

WHAT you eat is crucial, but WHERE is also a factor. As folks over at noticed:

“Keeping track of WHERE you eat can help you figure out where you are exactly when you start eating those unnecessary snacks. This way you can avoid them the next time you find yourself in a similar situation.”

“The environment plays a huge role in our nutrition as it directly influences the food choices we make, and sometimes we fail to see that. Or we choose not to. Whichever the case just say NO to a bowl of chips next time your friend offers it to you.”

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