This Is Why Eating Burnt Toast Or Crispy Potatoes Can Be Deadly

January 30, 2017


Although we all like our toasts burnt and our potatoes crispy, we should all think twice next time we are preparing these foods.

A recent UK research suggests that toasting your bread, chips, and potatoes all the way through may indeed cause cancer.

The study has only been conducted in animals thus far and is still to be proven in humans, however the researchers warn that we should avoid burning starchy foods and go for “golden” color instead of dark brown, pointing out the need for people to simply eat a more balanced, healthier diet.

What Is The Carcinogen Chemical Responsible For This?

The chemical is called acrylamide and is created when starchy foods are heated to temperatures above 250°F (120°C) through roasting, toasting, and frying.

According to, when acrylamide is consumed “it gets converted into something called glycidamide, which in turn can bind to DNA and induce mutations. In animal models, it has been found that the more acrylamide they consume, the higher the risk of cancer, and while this link has not been found in humans, it is assumed the same process occurs. Because of this, the UK’s Food Standards Agency (FSA) has recommended that people should consume lower amounts of the chemical.”

The “Go For Gold” Campaign

Folks over at FSA emphasize that the majority of people are still pretty unaware of the chemical in question, and many still don’t know that they might actually be able to reduce their risk of getting cancer.

“We want our ‘Go for Gold‘ campaign to highlight the issue so that consumers know how to make the small changes that may reduce their acrylamide consumption whilst still eating plenty of starchy carbohydrates and vegetables as recommended in government healthy eating advice,” says Steve Wearne of FSA.

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