The Right Fiber For The Healthy Heart

June 16, 2015


Lisa R. Young, PhD, RD, a professor in the department of nutrition, food studies, and public health at New York University, reminds us that only a well-balanced diet can be the key for the health of our bodies, especially our heart health.

Diets low in saturated fat and high in fiber will do the trick, and here’s how to incorporate such diet in your everyday life.

Eating the right fiber can lower the cholesterol levels in your body, reduce the risk of diabetes, while it can also prevent certain types of cancer.

“We recommend about 25 grams of fiber a day, for men a bit more. It’s based on your weight. Most Americans eat much, much less than that. If you follow a good diet, you’ll get enough, but so many of us don’t,” says Young.

Including the Fiber

The best way to include fiber in your everyday diet is to eat whole grains, fruits and veggies, but to make sure these foods have both soluble and insoluble fiber. Soluble fiber is excellent when it comes to clearing out cholesterol from your bloodstream, and the best sources of soluble fiber include: oatmeal, barley, dried beans and peas.

Insoluble fiber, on the other hand, can be found in vegetables like beets and brussels sprouts, as well as whole-grain bread.

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