The Fatter The Food, The More Damage To Your Brain

December 2, 2015


We all know that fatty foods – especially those nasty junk foods and snacks – are bad for maintaining and losing weight. But have you ever wondered if these types of dishes have any effect on your brain? If you have, this latest study will explain a lot of things to you.

Body And Mind

The latest study published in the journal Brain, Behavior and Immunity, suggests that a high-fat diet is capable of crippling and even destroying synapses, which are necessary for connections between neurons.

In other words, a diet loaded with fatty foods could affect one’s learning and memory in the long haul. However, the study also showed that these effects can be countered by switching to a low-fat diet for two months.

The research team from Georgia Regents University, lead by Dr. Alexis M. Stranahan, separated two groups of mice. Each group was fed a diet, but one with 10% of the calories from saturated fat, while the other consumed 60% fatty calories.

The results have shown that excess fat triggered autoimmune response in mice which led to synapse destruction. The same thing could happen to each and every one of us, so eat fatty foods with care.

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