Solution To Obesity Is As Simple As A Small Plate

January 16, 2016


As obesity is one of the biggest health issues world-wide, many complicated methods have been derived in order to fight this problematic condition.

Diets, calorie counting, food dehydration – all these and many more ways to prevent or stop obesity are effective, yet require a great deal of effort and commitment to reach their full potential.

On the other hand, we have portion control. Rather than including a whole set of rules and restrictions, this weight loss and management method is actually as simple as eating from a smaller plate, and science is here to prove it.

Small Steps, Big Results

According to a research published in the Journal of the Association for Consumer Research, smaller plates can actually reduce our food consumption under certain conditions.

Researchers led by Natalina Zlatevska from Bond University, Australia combined all previous studies on the subject and discovered that reducing your plate size by 50% leads to 30% less food consumed on average.

Zlatevska comments: “Just changing to smaller plates at home can help reduce how much you serve yourself and how much you eat.”

However, two factors play a great part in this weight control process. First off, smaller plates work much better as a weight loss method if consumers are self-serving their portions. And secondly, this method gains a lot of effectivity if the consumer isn’t aware that his/her consumption is being monitored.

In other words, smaller plates are a very simple and effective weight loss method which reaches its full potential if you put the food in your plate by yourself and if you’re not aware of how much you’ve reduced your intake.

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