Real To Ideal – Evolution Of The Perfect Female Body Over The Years

June 2, 2014


The perfect female body, a mythic legend that has been sought after by foolish men since the beginning of time. Stories have been written about it, poems put to paper, and songs have been made to glorify that which has never been seen.

But why hasn’t it been seen? Could it really not exist, or has the idea of what a woman is supposed to look like have changed over the years? The history behind what we today think of as “ideal” may, or may not surprise you.

In the Beginning

A long time ago, in a history that has long since stopped being read, women of yester-year were much different than women today.

Woman’s Suffrage and gender equalization aside, the women-that-were differ by a whole lot.

By a whole lot, I mean a lot bigger. As food was hard to come by in the ancient times, both male and female alike strove to become bigger and heavier.

The reason behind this was because if you were of a large sort, you were seen as prosperous and blessed. Anybody who has been blessed must definitely be someone you want to be around.

Bigger women especially were sought after, as the only thing that came second to sex on a man’s mind back then, was ensuring the longevity of his line.

That is to say, he wanted to make sure he would have healthy babies.

For this reason, large women were popular among men, because if you were bigger, with wide hips and a large bosom, it was assumed that your body was naturally geared for successful child-rearing.

In Today’s World

Things are a little different nowadays. With media of all kinds putting pressure on people to lose weight and stop being obese, a slimmed down image is what has become “ideal.” Women with a flat stomach, large buttocks, and heavy chest are what is deemed sexy today.

It is a struggle that women find biologically difficult, as a woman’s body is more likely to retain weight, especially during the years of optimum fertility, because her body is preparing for child birth. Totally unfair, right?

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