Raw Food Detox Diet Review

December 18, 2014


The Raw Food Detox diet caused a boom in the world of dieting, and it’s all due to its effectiveness and overall unorthodox way of preparing food.

Aside from its uncommon methods, this diet doesn’t differ from others when it comes to good and bad sides.

In that regard, we’ll break this eating plan to its essentials in order to give you a better understanding of the Raw Food Detox diet.

How Does It Work?

The Raw Food Detox diet revolves around eating uncooked foods, due to the fact that beneficial enzymes found in food usually get destroyed when cooked at high temperatures.

Another big factor here is food toxins. When cooked, some foods tend to release certain toxins, and these can be avoided by eating your foods raw – hence the Detox part.

There are five different levels of utilizing this diet based on your preferences. Level 1 being the strictest, it allows only the consummation of raw fruit, vegetables and juices.

On the other hand, level 5 gives the dieter more freedom, making 75% of your meals raw and having one cooked meal per day.

The list of allowed foods is not as limited as with some diets, but most of them must be eaten raw, steamed, blended, or dehydrated.

On any level of the diet, this list involves fruit, vegetables, nuts, seeds, olive oil, and goat cheese. Level 1 also includes vegetarian pasta, soups, and brown rice.


  • Promotes a high intake of fruit and veggies, which makes this diet a very healthy one
  • Multiple levels that help you adapt to eating raw foods with more ease
  • Contrary to raw vegan diets, it includes animal products to avoid deficiencies
  • Allows chocolate and offers substitutes for ice cream and other desserts


  • Demands food combining which can be difficult for beginners and inexperienced dieters
  • Not friendly to those with carbohydrate sensitivity
  • Most restaurants don’t serve raw food, so eating out is out of the question
  • You’ll buy large amounts of fresh produce and additional kitchen equipment, which can be expensive
  • Doesn’t include an exercise plan


Although it all works on paper, not many dieters manage to follow the Raw Food Detox diet completely.

Preparing and eating raw foods is not as easy as it sounds, but once you get used to it, your body will get healthier than ever.

All-in-all, this diet works. If you don’t mind eating uncooked meals and making complicated eating plans, and if you have the will and time for exercising by your own agenda, you should definitely consider going on the Raw Food Detox diet.

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