Preventing Liver Cancer With Coffee

April 4, 2015


Coffee is a dirty, little secret many of us have. Whether you can’t wake up without it or you drink it just because you like the taste, coffee is one of those things that can affect us in both good and bad way.

But before we tip the scale either way, let’s consider the most recent discovery about coffee – it can prevent cancer.

Coffee Vs. Alcohol

Liver cancer is in most cases caused by alcohol abuse. Our liver works in similar ways to a filter by letting our body absorb valuable element while discarding toxins and waste.

But when it gets overwhelmed with bad stuff – which alcohol is packed with – it begins to fail and allows cancer to form.

However, a team of researchers from the UK World Cancer Research Fund just discovered that regular coffee consumption could reduce the risk of liver cancer caused by alcohol, aside from improving our concentration and focus. And it does it in the same way it helps us stay awake – by aiding cell repair.

Coffee and coffee extracts are apparently capable of influencing cell repair in many organs, such as our liver.

A Bright Future With Dark Coffee

Amanda McLean, Director of World Cancer research Fund UK, said: “The new findings around alcohol, obesity, and coffee are particularly interesting. There are also interesting new suggestions relating to exercise and fish.”

This means that not only are these new findings about coffee promising, but there is a good chance that we’ll see a breakthrough regarding the link between fish consumption and cancer and coffee influencing obesity.

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