Preventing Diabetes With Dietary Fiber

May 29, 2015


By now most people know what type II diabetes is. This metabolic disorder is responsible for high blood sugar levels, which is followed by thirst, hunger, and many more unpleasant symptoms.

Unfortunately, type II diabetes is a wide-spread disease, with over 29 million diagnosed people in the US. Various studies have shown that regular meals, high-fat dairy, and a protein-packed breakfast are good at preventing this disorder, and now there is another helper – dietary fiber.

A New Initiative

The study which discovered the benefits of dietary fiber when it comes to preventing type II diabetes was published in the journal Diabetologia and consisted of two separate parts.

One part used the data from 8 European countries, while the other added the results from worldwide studies.

The research team helmed by Dagfinn Aune, PhD, looked into the link between fiber consumption from fruits, vegetables, and cereal and new-onset of type II diabetes.

As Aune said: “Taken together, our results indicate that individuals with diets rich in fiber, in particular cereal fiber, may be at lower risk of type 2 diabetes.”

The results of the study have shown that people who consumed over 26g of dietary fiber per day had an 18% lower risk of developing diabetes than the people with the lowest fiber intake.

Different Angle

However, once the team took the body mass index (BMI) of the subjects, they realized that fiber had no direct impact on type II diabetes development. Instead, those who consumed a lot of fibrous foods had a healthier body weight, which in turn helps prevent diabetes.

Bottom line, fiber is great for your waistline, and a healthy waistline lowers the chance of type II diabetes. By that logic, we should keep our meals rich in fiber if we want to stay diabetes-free.

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