Preparing For Allergy Season

March 5, 2015


With spring just around the corner, most of us can’t wait to remove our winter jackets and enjoy the sunny weather.

However, spring season brings one thing that can ruin all the fun – allergies. So if you want to make sure you don’t come across any unpleasant situations that involve sneezing, watery eyes, and coughing, read on to find out how to prepare for allergy season.

Embracing Nature

The phrase “spring is in the air” takes a literal form when it comes to allergies. Weeds, grass, spores, and tree pollens are all responsible for the increased levels of airborne allergens.

But before you start making moves to avoid allergic reactions, you need to know what you’re allergic to. Not all plants are guilty of causing your allergic reactions, so make sure you know what’s causing you throat, nose, and eyes problems.

This is most easily done by taking an allergy skin test. Aside from being the quickest way to finding out which plant is your enemy, it’s also the cheapest and most accurate way of defining your allergies.

Fortify Yourself

After establishing what’s causing the problem, it’s time to prepare both your body and home for allergy season.

Contrary to common belief, pollen is not only outside. It can easily gather up in your home, so make sure you take a few steps of precaution in order to minimize the risk of an allergic reaction while you’re inside.

Vacuuming, washing your rugs, and cleaning your bedding will all help in eliminating pollen from your home.

As far as your body goes, make sure you shower and wash your hair every day before going to bed. Pollen can accumulate in hair, as well as your skin, so stay clean to keep the allergies away.

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