Mediterranean Diet Fuels Cardiovascular Health

August 27, 2015


As your precious heart needs and deserves the healthiest treatment, we have done a little research and found that one of the most heart-healthy diets dwells around the Mediterranean Sea.

As nutrition plays a crucial role in your cardiovascular health, Lisa R. Young, PhD says that people who are at risk for heart disease should first try diet changes rather than some heavy medications.

Going Mediterranean

Mediterranean diet has been proven to be extremely healthy for your heart as it improves the health of your cardiovascular system in numerous ways.

This exotic diet will keep you slim, reduce strain on your heart and arteries, keep your cholesterol down, and will also prevent your arteries from developing those notorious blocks.

“The Mediterranean diet is good for your lipid profile,” Young suggests. Your lipid profile is determined with a blood test and it can show your cardiovascular health by comparing your total cholesterol with the levels of HDL and LDL cholesterol and triglycerides, another type of fat.

The healthy Mediterranean diet is high in quality fats like olive oil, fatty fish, and nuts, while it doesn’t include foods high in saturated fat, like red meat.

“The focus is on lean animal proteins, and heavy plant-based proteins like beans and legumes,” says Young.

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