Meatless Ways To Add Protein Into Your Diet

September 14, 2015


Adding more protein into one’s diet has numerous health benefits, such as faster weight loss, as high protein diets lead to quicker satiating and a lower calorie intake.

Higher amounts of protein are also important for individuals with high blood pressure and metabolic problems, those who are under a lot of stress, chronically ill individuals, athletes and elderly persons.

Eating meat all the time gets boring fast, but luckily there are easy ways to add protein into one’s diet that don’t include eating chicken and turkey meat every day.

One of the tastiest and quickest ways to do so is so eat raw almonds. Raw almonds are foods highly rich in protein, and you can toss them into your morning cereal or a blender as a bonus to a fruit and veggie smoothie.

Once you acquire healthy eating habits eating high-quality food becomes easy. Substituting all store-bought spreads for humus is a healthy way to ditch margarine, mayonnaise and other offenders and increase your daily protein intake without eating meat. Eating raw chickpeas (chickpeas are the main ingredient of humus) also produces the same desired effect.

Sunflower seeds are an excellent source of protein that you can add to your home-baked bread, cereal, smoothies and ever certain types of soups for an increased protein intake and a more balanced nutrition and weight.

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