Meals Of The Future: What Will Dining Look Like Part 2

November 5, 2015


Although it can often be a challenging thing to do, thinking about the future can be exciting now as it once was.

The world isn’t the same place but can be a good thing, especially when your futuristic focus is on food and mealtime.

Will meals finally be 100% healthy and how exactly will we consume it? Will the cutlery look like cutlery at all? And what about drinks?

People all over the world are working on exciting, cutting-edge ideas towards the future of one of the basic things that makes us human: the glorification of mealtime.

Edible Cups

Can you imagine living without glasses and cups? Probably not. But can you imagine drinking from your cup and then eating it? We’re not crazy, we just live in a world full of creative, imaginative people. That’s right, designers and scientist have come together to make something really useful for outdoor meals and huge gatherings where it takes a long time to do the dishes. However, unlike its plastic option, edible cups are not dangerous to our planet and they’re pretty delicious, too!

The innovative cups are made from agar, and they’re often compared to an ice-cream cone. However, they’re not cheap. But that may change in the future, if the demand for these delish, colorful cups rises. This makes us imagine a future where there’s a whole variety of edible cups, and a much healthier planet Earth.

Nutrition Patches

Getting your nutrition name on without actually eating may sound pretty odd, but if you think about it, the concept is not actually new. Nutrition patches have been around for some years, and nutritionists say that they could, in time, develop into more complex things.

Will this completely exclude eating? Of course not, as there’s nothing healthier than food itself. However, these patches could also be very beneficial to people who perhaps can’t afford fresh fruit and vegetables to get their dose of vitamins and minerals, and they could also become a way of consuming supplements on a daily basis.

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