Losing Fat And Building Muscle With Carb Cycling

May 28, 2015


When trying to lose fat, people tend to become blind about everything aside from their goal. However, science has proven over and over again that losing weight goes hand-in-hand with gaining muscle, and the best way to achieve both of these things simultaneously is by carb cycling.

The Basics

Carb cycling is a method promoted by fitness and bodybuilding experts alike as one of the healthiest ways of both dropping pounds and packing on muscles.

The basic rule of carb cycling says that you should alternate between low carb and high carb days, depending on your activity level for that day.

For example, if you’ve been hitting the weights today, your meals should be rich in carbohydrates, while you should steer clear of them if you weren’t very active recently.

The main premise of carb cycling is that you workout at least 3 days per week, otherwise it doesn’t make much sense.

Muscle Mass Benefits

As we’ve mentioned before, one of the most efficient and healthiest ways to correct your weight is to switch from fat storage to muscle tissue. This complements the idea of alternating between carbohydrate amounts, as you’ll replace your fat weight with muscle weight.

The last thing to know about carb cycling is that there are two different types of carbs. ‘Bad carbs’ are complex sugars found in sweets like donut, candy, and ice cream, while simple sugars, a.k.a. ‘good carbs’ are those you can consume from green vegetables.

Bottom line, if you want to get rid of excess fat and build muscle mass at the same time, simply mix carb cycling with regular exercise for 2-in-1 results.

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