Let’s Recap: Reasons To Avoid Processed Meat

September 11, 2015


Although so many of us have been trying to keep as informed as possible about what is healthy and what isn’t, it doesn’t hurt to recap every once in a while why bacon, ham, sausages and similar products are unhealthy and should not be consumed.

Smoked meat may be delicious but it is often treated with harmful chemicals that were never meant to be in food. Levels of sodium in processed meats are much higher compared to the levels that are considered healthy.

Numerous studies have shown that processed meats are linked to various types of cancers, such as colon cancer, and heart disease. More often than not, processed meat is treated with antibiotics and other substances that lead to health problems that could otherwise be avoided.

As opposed to processed meat, fresh meat is usually free of harmful chemicals and healthy to consume, especially organic chicken and turkey meat, and should be an alternative to all sorts of processed meat.

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