Let Your Child Snack The Right Way

May 11, 2015


Keeping our waistline at check is a matter of personal choice in adulthood, but when it comes to kids, we tend to take their health and weight a lot more seriously.

Parents who care about their children will rarely let them walk away from the table before finishing their vegetables or allow them to consume unlimited amounts of candy or sugary drinks.

However, kids need to have more than three meals per day and in the same ways adults do. We’re talking about snacks – here is what you can let your child snack on and in which way should you do it.

Ordinary Made Fun

Probably the best way to give your kids snacks is to offer something very healthy, like fruit or vegetables, but wrapped in something else they really like.

For example, your child might say ‘no’ to an apple, but when you add some low-fat ice cream to it, it will get devoured in seconds.

As for vegetables, keeping it simple is key. Bite-sized veggies like cherry tomatoes and baby carrots are both healthy and small enough to be interesting for your kids to eat.

Better Safe Than Sorry

When picking foods for your child’s snack, make sure you’ve checked the label. Foods that are low or free of fat and sugar should have priority here, as you don’t want to stuff your kid with calories and unnecessary risks.

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Lastly, dealing with small children can be very easy. If you’re afraid of your kid not wanting to eat a snack you’ve prepared, simply say ‘Here you go.’ Asking if they would like this or that might result in a ‘no’ every parent fears.

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