Impact Of Exercise: Current Fitness Behavior Influences Health 20 Years Later

March 28, 2014

Many people wonder about the long term effect that exercise will have on their health in the long run.

Recent studies have shown that there is a definite effect between your fitness behavior and your health, and it is one that will encourage you to choose a healthier lifestyle.

Your Future Health Depends on Present Fitness Behavior

What was found from the study was that your present health status and how you exercise now will affect your health and exercise habits 20 years later.

People who had strong habits of eating right and exercise were much more likely to have maintained those habits – even for the next 20 years.

Multiple aspects and factors are accounted for

The health and exercise habits of all kinds of people were found to have been developed at a younger age.

This includes the types of foods that were consumed, the nutritional aspects and the exercise habits, as well as habits related to the handling of stress, smoking and developing strong social support.

Important to Develop Proper Habits When Young

Since habits of this type have been shown to last for 20 years or more, this reveals a good reason to be sure to develop proper exercise and health habits when you are younger, and to help young people do the same.

Or, if you are already older, you should start to develop good habits in relation to health and exercise now. It also reveals why parents need to take part in ensuring that their children are developing good fitness behavior habits along this line.

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