How To Get The Most Out Of Your Fruits & Veggies

June 30, 2015


We all know eating fresh fruits and vegetables on a daily basis is crucial for our health, but are we getting the most of these juicy treats? Here are some useful tips on how to get everything you need every time you include fruits and veggies in your meal.

Choose Locally Grown

The main factor when it comes to losing nutrients is the time they spend travelling. The less time it takes for your food to get from the field to your plate, the less nutrients it will lose.

The way around this is of course, going with the locally grown plants.

According to Janet Brill, PhD, RD, a nutritionist and author of Cholesterol Down, we need to “buy fresh, whole, and locally grown seasonal produce.

Try to purchase produce with the least amount of time from farm to table, as vitamins and minerals are lost over time as well as with cooking and handling.”

Reduce the Cooking Time

Minimizing the time your vegetables spend in the boiling water will make them retain more of the precious vitamins they contain. This is why we should eat our fruits and veggies raw whenever that is possible, and if you do cook them, reduce the cooking time to a minimum.

“Cooking methods that are quick, with a minimum amount of liquid, will help to preserve nutrients,” Brill states. “Steaming, blanching, and stir-frying are all great ways to cook vegetables quickly and retain valuable nutrients. Keep veggies crisp — never overcook or boil in water until soggy.”

Eat them Rough

Try to avoid slicing whenever possible. Eating them without fine chopping and slicing will get you most of those delicious juicy treats. “Keep chopping to a minimum,” Brill says. “The greater the exposure of the fruit or vegetable to air, the greater the loss of nutrients.”

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