Gluten-Free Foods Might Not Be Healthier After All

February 10, 2016


According to the 60 Million Consumers magazine, certain gluten-free foods might not be healthier than their non gluten-free counterparts, which might come as a shock to all those believing a gluten-free diet equals a healthier diet.

The magazine compared the list of ingredients found on gluten-free and non gluten-free foods, including pasta, spaghetti, pizza, bread, and cookies, and found that gluten-free products had less fiber and protein than non gluten-free foods.

In other words, a 100g loaf of non gluten-free bread comes with 8.3g of protein, while a 100g loaf of gluten-free bread comes with a mere 2.6g of protein.

What’s more, certain gluten-free products contain additives, such as E464 and E330, to keep the elasticity of the dough, and these additives are anything but healthy. Researchers behind the study advise consumers not to blindly follow trends that provide little value for their money, and to carefully consider all the ingredients that their food contains.

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