Gluten Free Diet Plan May Be Bad For Your Heart, Harvard Study Says

September 27, 2017


It appears that gluten free diet plan may not be as healthy as we think.

According to a recent study conducted by Harvard Medical School, adults who avoid gluten in their everyday diets, and are NOT allergic to this substance, might indeed be harming their cardiovascular health in the long run.

We already know that gluten causes inflammation and intestinal harm in people who have celiac disease, but this study points out that persons who live on a gluten free diet plan without any actual need may be ruining their health for no reason whatsoever.

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Heart-Healthy Whole Grains Are Not To Be Avoided

Scientists over at the Harvard Medical School tracked the eating habits of 64,714 adult women and 45,303 adult men during a period of 26 years and found that long-term avoidance of gluten in many cases lead to a reduced consumption of heart-healthy whole grains, which is not good for our cardiovascular system.

It appeared that those individuals who consumed the lowest levels of dietary gluten had a 15 percent higher risk of heart disease,” says the study leader Andrew Chan, an associate professor of medicine at Harvard Medical School.

“The promotion of gluten-free diets among people without celiac disease should not be encouraged,” the researchers concluded.

Chan also said that further research has to be done in order to officially prove the cause-and-effect correlation of his study, but advises consuming more fibrous and heart-healthy grains (think oats and brown rice) for all adults who are living on a gluten-free diet plan.

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