Egg Diet Review

January 24, 2015


Among the numerous different diets than exclude certain foods or food groups from your everyday eating, we can’t say that there are many eating plans that focus on consuming only one particular food.

The Egg Diet does exactly that – it forbids eating almost all foods except eggs in order to initiate the weight loss process.

Regardless of its potential efficiency, this diet still has many advantages and flaws. With that in mind, let’s take a closer look at the eating plan that’s been popular for years among celebrities and common folk alike.

How Does It Work?

The Egg Diet has many variations, from eating only eggs to simply adding them to your meals in large quantities.

But today we’ll focus on the most popular version, where your meals also involve other foods.

Similar to the Cabbage Soup Diet, this diet revolves around acquiring the majority of your protein from a single source – eggs.

The goal here is to avoid all products that consist of unnecessary ingredients while making sure you provide your body with enough protein.

The Egg Diet proposes eating three meals a day. That means two or more eggs for breakfast, along with grapefruit, low-carb veggies and lean beef, and eggs with chicken or fish for lunch and dinner.

Allowed foods include eggs, lean protein, low-carbohydrate vegetables, grapefruit, and water.


  • High amounts of protein followed by low-carb foods are known for reducing appetite
  • You’ll burn more calories while on a high-protein diet like this one
  • Research suggests that consuming eggs for breakfast boosts weight loss


  • Due to eliminating many food groups, this diet is unbalanced and unhealthy
  • Not consuming carbs will lead to a lack of energy
  • Eggs can cause flatulence, constipation, and bad breath when consumed in large quantities
  • This diet is very monotonous and boring
  • Exercise is not encouraged


When it comes to short-term weight loss solutions, this diet may help you actually lose weight. Eliminating carbs from your meals is a good method of kick-starting the weight loss process.

However, every other aspect of dieting bares a negative connotation in the Egg Diet. Excluding so many food groups is unhealthy, because it will eventually lead to malnutrition and a general feeling of fatigue and nausea.

All-in-all, it seems like the Egg Diet is just another crash diet. Despite the rumors that many celebrities, such as Adrian Brody, successfully lost weight thanks to this diet, we wouldn’t recommend it to anyone.

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