Eat More Greens, Save Your Eyes

January 15, 2016


It’s well known that vegetables can prevent and be very helpful when it comes to serious illnesses like cardiovascular disease, cancer, and diabetes. But what about glaucoma, which about 3 million Americans have and which blinded 120,000 of them? As you’ve guessed, veggies will save the day once again.

Break Out The Goodies

Although glaucoma isn’t fatal, there is no cure for this disease which sometimes leads to blindness even if treatment is received.

That’s why Jae H. Kang and her team from Harvard Medical School analyzed the results of multiple studies that were conducted over the course of almost three decades and that included over 100,000 test subjects.

No test subject showed signs of glaucoma initially, but during the follow-up nearly 1,500 cases of the disease occurred.

The subjects’ diets were analyzed for their green vegetable intake, while the team also calculated their nitrate intake. As it turns out, those who were consuming the most nitrate had a 30% lower risk of developing glaucoma.

As Kang said: “These results, if confirmed in observational and intervention studies, could have important public health implications.” So instead of just carrots, you can now also eat those leafy greens in order to protect and preserve your eyesight.

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