Drinking Coffee Might Boost Your Workout Endurance

January 20, 2016


Everyone knows that drinking coffee is the closest thing to taking drugs without having negative side effects or becoming an addict. Not only that, but those who exercise are just about to start appreciating this beverage even more, because a new study found that coffee can actually boost your progress at the gym.

The Missing Link

Most of us turn to coffee as the most efficient way to kick-start our day. However, a research team from the University of Georgia has proven that this beverage can also affect our workout performance in a good way.

The lead author of the study, Simon Higgins, analyzed over 600 studies to find experiments that observed the link between caffeinated coffee and increased exercise performance.

As one of the most stimulant and psychoactive drugs in the world, caffeine is also known for being absorbed relatively quickly and for its ability to impact a lot of systems.

Once Higgins’ analysis was complete, he found out that caffeine indeed has the ability to improve our physical performance in terms of endurance and time trials.

In fact, consuming 3-7 mg of caffeine in coffee can improve one’s performance by an average of 24%.

As the author said: “This is helpful for athletes because coffee is a naturally occurring compound. There’s the potential that getting your caffeine by drinking coffee has similar endurance benefits as taking caffeine pills.”

So, aside from being the ultimate pick-me-up in the morning, coffee is also something that will let you last much longer in the gym if you drink it prior to exercising.

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