Don’t Worry About Getting Sick In Summer

May 16, 2015


While snow and hot beverages are the most common thing you can see during winter, you’re also likely to encounter sneezing, running nose, and even coughing. Needless to say, there isn’t any snow in summer and people usually go for a cold drink, but we also get a lot less sick in warm weather.

In case you ever wondered why, science is here to explain. A team of researchers at Cambridge University found that the reason behind this phenomenon lies in our genes.

As the study reveals, inflammatory genes are prioritized during winter. These genes usually trigger swelling and discomforts, but exist for the sole purpose of fighting off diseases.

However, these genes are replaced by a completely different set in summer.

Chris Wallace, the lead author of the study, told Business Insider: “It could be that our inflammatory response developed as a means of fighting things that are more abundant at certain times. I wasn’t expecting to find that many changing genes.”

This virtually means that summer just added another thing to the list of things you shouldn’t worry about, giving you more time to work on your diet and waistline in the goal of getting that perfect beach body.

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