Doctors Say Mediterranean Diet Best for Obesity

November 17, 2014


A recent article published in Postgraduate Medical Journal states that doctors believe a Mediterranean diet may be the best way to go about tackling obesity.

The obesity epidemic is a problem that has baffled scientists for years because there is no one single way to cure it. Typically, it was thought that a low-fat diet was the best way to go about slimming down, but now doctors aren’t so sure.

The article not only included the “hows and whys” of the effects of a Mediterranean diet on obesity, but also criticized the weight-loss industry (yes, it is an industry now) for focusing on food restriction rather than emphasizing “good nutrition.”

“What’s more responsible is that we tell people to concentrate on eating nutritious foods,” said Dr. Aseem Malhotra, the lead author of the article.

In the study, a Mediterranean diet, or a diet that focuses heavily on vegetables and olive oil with moderate protein intake, was said to not only help fight obesity, but lower the risk of heart disease and stroke as well.

“It’s going to have an impact on their health very quickly. We know the traditional Mediterranean diet, which is higher in fat, proven from randomized controlled trials, reduces the risk of heart attack and stroke even within months of implementation.”

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