Do Eggs Pose a Risk To Your Heart?

February 16, 2016


Eating eggs on a daily basis is frowned upon by many individuals who believe eggs can raise cholesterol levels and put blood vessels at risk.

However, a recent study done by scientists at a health promoting school in the U.S. can finally put the debate whether eggs are healthy or not to rest.

The results of the study reveal that cholesterol found in eggs is not the culprit that clogs arteries, and it does not lead to possible development of heart disease.

The study looked at 117,000 respondents over a period of 14 years, which makes the results pretty conclusive.

The study also looked at respondents who consumed one egg a week on average, and individuals who ate more than one egg a day, and found there were no differences in the risk of heart disease between the two groups.

At the same time, multiple other studies confirm that eggs do wonders for obese individuals on special diets as they keep them feeling full for longer, reducing the daily intake of food and resulting in weight loss.

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