When To Consume Carbs So You Lose Weight Quickly

May 24, 2017

Consume Carbs

There are too many articles online about when the right time to eat carbs really is. Some of these diets and diet plans out there even tell you that you should avoid carbs altogether or at least limit them to a small amount per day.

But are carbs really that bad?

It actually depends on three following things:

Eating carbs at the right times during the day will accelerate your fat loss and get you leaner pretty fast.

Let’s see when are those right times!

1. In The Morning

Certainly the best time to consume your favorite carbs is in the morning.

The thing is that overnight, while you sleep, your body fasts and goes through carbohydrates that it stores away, also known as glycogen.

So, when we eat carbs right after we wake up, our body uses these newly taken carbs to replenish what it lost over night, which basically means – it doesn’t store them as fat.

Good stuff.


2. Before Your Workout Session

Carbs are crucial for providing energy to your body, which means eating a good carb before your workout will do wonders for your leaner body.

It is basic math really: the more energy you have – the harder you train – the leaner you get.

Just make sure you consume your carbs about one hour before you workout session.

3. After Your Workout Session

Yes, we need carbs before AND after our workout sessions!

Namely, our body uses the stored glycogen when we train hard, so in order for it to replenish and allow it to shuttle nutrients, our body needs carbs in our post-workout meal as well.

Also, eating carbs after your workout session helps shuttle insulin to your muscle cells, accelerating the delivery of nutrients to the broken down muscle tissue, so your muscles recover much faster and healthier after each session.

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