We Can Fight Climate Change By Eating This One Particular Food

August 11, 2017

fight climate change

It appears that one of the most effective ways to significantly reduce greenhouse gas emissions, especially in America, is much simpler that one would think: we should simply eat beans instead of beef.

A recent study published by the Springer Link suggests that this change in our diet might have huge impact on preventing climate change in near future.

“If every American made the switch,” claim folks over at Big Think, “the U.S. could achieve between 46 and 74 percent of the reductions necessary to meet its emissions goals for 2020 that were pledged by former President Barack Obama.”

This possible percentage hints that the immediate difference this approach could have on greenhouse emissions would be massive. Especially if we would all stop eating beef and switch to beans at once.

“I think there’s genuinely a lack of awareness about how much impact this sort of change can have,” says Helen Harwatt, the study author.

CO2 Emissions And Livestock Farming

According to the study, climate change policy in the U.S. predominantly focuses on reducing carbon dioxide (CO2) emissions by dealing with energy usage and production.

But what we need to point out is that climate change is also a result of non-CO2 emissions like methane (CH4) and nitrous oxide (N2O), with more than half of these non-CO2 emissions coming from, you guessed it – LIVESTOCK FARMING.

By switching from beef to beans, anyone would instantly become a climate change fighter, without having to rely on lawmakers or private interests.

“The real beauty of this kind of thing is that climate impact doesn’t have to be policy-driven,” says Harwatt. “It can just be a positive, empowering thing for consumers to see that they can make a significant impact by doing something as simple as eating beans instead of beef.”

Cool beans.

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