Buying More Because The Label Said So

January 18, 2016


Thriving towards a healthy state of body is all the rage nowadays, which leads many to doing a label-check before buying various types of foods. However, there just might be a chance that a healthy label is causing you to buy more than you usually would.

Nutrition Information And You

In recent years, healthy and organic products have started coming in smaller packages and their label usually states that they should be consumed in servings which are smaller than what we’re used to.

This is why a consumer research group from Germany decided to do an observation.

The results of their tests have shown that shoppers buy more yogurt if the recommended serving size is smaller.

After analyzing millions upon millions of European food purchases in supermarkets, the research group concluded that the smaller the serving is, the more product we’re going to buy.

Dr. Ossama Elshiewy from the University of Goettingen, who helmed the research, said: “Smaller recommended serving sizes will let all nutrition values on the label appear smaller too, independent of the product’s actual nutritional composition.”

In other words, people are nowadays more focused of how much they’re going to eat rather than how healthy their meal will be. So instead of checking what the recommended serving size is, make sure to read what the actual ingredients to what you’re buying are.

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