Bizarre Medical Disorders You Can Develop As A Result Of A Bad Diet


Some people are just happy to find enough food to survive on from day to day. But the diet-related health problems of people in the richer parts of the world can be serious too. T

here are some conditions caused by over-indulgence in fatty, sugary foods and it’s easy to sneer at those.

But the food industry devotes a lot of energy to creating the dependence on those foods that leads to problems, and it is very powerful.

The foods that are worse for your health are often cheaper too, so it can be hard to afford healthy eating.

Modern food production methods don’t just lead to fattening, addictive foods. They also use chemicals, including veterinary treatments for farmed animals, which are simply poisonous. A number of unpleasant medical disorders result from bad modern diets.

1. Gout

Doctors have reported a worrying increase in the incidence of gout, particularly in the young. Gout is a painful condition affecting the toes which is popularly linked to elderly aristocrats drinking too much port in the evenings.

Drinking habits may play a part in the current problems but there is a suspected link to food packaging as well.

If your food is wrapped in cardboard or paper, and particularly if the food is somewhat greasy, the chances are that the packaging material has been treated with polyfluoroalkyl esters (PAPs).

These chemicals are used in paper packaging to prevent grease from seeping through. The chemicals in question can leech into the food and they will not be noticed by the consumer.

The bad news is that these particular compounds transmute once consumed, turning into Perfluorinated carbolyxic acids, PFCAs, which persist for a long time inside the body.

A correlation has been shown between PFCAs in the body and both raised levels of uric acid and high cholesterol counts. Gout is known to be associated with a build-up of uric acid in the body.

It seems sensible to avoid packaging treated with PAPs, as a precaution. The packaging for microwavable popcorn is particularly high in these chemicals, and the microwaving process helps to activate them. It’s safer to pop your corn in a pan.

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