Best Protein Sources For Vegetarians

October 29, 2015


Protein is necessary for our bodies to be able to build strong bones, muscles, skin, and cells.

However, our bodies can’t store protein the way they store carbs, which is why must be sure our bodies are getting enough of it on a daily basis.

As some of our readers don’t eat meat, eggs, and some don’t even consume dairy products, it is essential we provide them with best alternative regarding protein intake.

Alexa Schmitt, RD, a clinical nutritionist at Massachusetts General Hospital, recommends soy, beans, legumes and nuts.


Schmitt says that soy is perhaps the best alternative as it is rich in protein and low in saturated fats. She recommends baby soybeans, soy nuggets and veggie burgers. You can find these in almost any of your local supermarkets, and are quite budget-friendly.

Baby soybeans are usually served lightly boiled and salted, and go especially well as a part of Japanese and Chinese cuisine.

Beans, Legumes, and Nuts

Another option you can never go wrong with is beans. All types of beans are great sources of protein and are also low in saturated fats. Chickpeas and garbanzo beans are definitely a safe option, and they are delicious too. Prepare them with a salad of your own choice or dip them in low-fat hummus dip.

As for legumes, dried peas and lentils go perfectly with almost any spicy vegetarian chili recipe or in a stew, while nuts can be an excellent option for a snack between your meals.

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