Best Diets For 2017: Top 3 Diets For Health & Wellness

October 19, 2017

Looking for a diet plan that will do wonders for your overall health? Look no further, we got you covered!

US News and World Report have finally revealed their annual rankings of best diets for 2017 and the list is quite delicious. And healthy too. As far as best overall plans are concerned, 38 diets were evaluated with input from a panel of health experts, and the top 3 ranking looks like this:

  1. Dash Diet
  2. Mediterranean Diet
  3. Mind Diet

best diets for 2017

Let’s delve a little deeper into each of these, shall we?

Dash Diet

Dash diet is perfect for preventing and lowering high blood pressure, or in other words – getting rid of hypertension.

The best way to do this is to establish a healthy eating pattern and your high blood pressure will deflate in no time, while this diet will also help you with the weight loss, which is always hard to achieve.

So it’s truly a win-win situation.

Dash diet focuses on warding off high blood pressure by giving your body the following nutrients:

  • potassium
  • calcium
  • protein
  • fiber

These are crucial for fighting high blood pressure, and the best part here is that you don’t have to make some huge changes to your diet, you simply need to focus on and emphasize the healthy foods you’ve always been told to eat:

  • fruits
  • veggies
  • whole grains
  • lean protein
  • low-fat dairy

But you will also need to cut out the foods that are high in calories and fat like sweets and red meat. Salt is your enemy as well.

Read more about Dash Diet HERE.

Mediterranean Diet

Best Diets For 2017

Not only is Mediterranean Diet delicious and includes a plethora of mouth-watering dishes, it is also great for:

  • weight loss
  • heart health
  • brain health
  • cancer prevention
  • diabetes prevention and control

“It’s generally accepted that the folks in countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea live longer and suffer less than most Americans from cancer and cardiovascular ailments,” say folks over at US News. “The not-so-surprising secret is an active lifestyle, weight control, and a diet low in red meat, sugar and saturated fat and high in produce, nuts and other healthful foods.”

Read more about Mediterranean Diet HERE.

Mind Diet

Best Diets For 2017

We shouldn’t only pay attention to our figure and body health, we need to think about our brain and our cognitive future as well. This is where preventing Alzheimer’s disease with brain-healthy foods comes in – in the form of Mind Diet!

Basically, Mind Diet is a combination of Dash Diet and Mediterranean Diet and it will help you lower your risk of mental decline. This new hybrid diet takes the best out of the two proven heart-healthy diets mentioned above and zeroes in on the foods that specifically affect brain health.

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The focus is on eating from 10 brain-healthy food groups:

  • vegetables (especially green leafy vegetables)
  • nuts
  • berries
  • beans
  • whole grains
  • fish
  • poultry
  • olive oil
  • wine

As for the foods this MIND diet excludes, these are mainly: red meats, butter and stick margarine, cheeses, pastries and sweets, and fried or fast food.

Read more about it HERE.

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