Avoid Sugary Drinks For A Healthy Heart

April 28, 2015


Having a cold beverage packed with sugar might seem like a good choice when you want to get refreshed in the upcoming days of warmth, but as you probably know, these drinks have many side effects you don’t really want.

Aside from their potential to cause obesity and diabetes, a recent study shows that sugary drinks can drastically increase the risk of cardiovascular disease, too.

The Fast Killer

A team of researchers at the University of California conducted a study that involved a number of young men and women.

The test subjects were drinking sugary drinks on a daily basis for two weeks, after which the team tested their blood for lipoproteins, triglycerides and uric acid.

The subjects were separated in four groups. They were either given no sweetened drinks, or enough to fill 10%, 17.5%, or 25% of their total daily calorie intake.

After comparing the blood test results from before and after the two-week test, the team found out something rather surprising.

After checking out the subjects’ indicators of heart disease risk, the researchers calculated that as the percentage of sugary drinks increased, the risk of cardiovascular disease increased with it.

A Different Angle

Kimber Stanhope, a research scientist and the lead author of the study, said: “These findings clearly indicate that humans are acutely sensitive to the harmful effects of excess dietary sugar over a broad range of consumption levels.”

The ‘sugary’ part of sugary drinks consists of high-fructose corn syrup. And if you previously thought it was mostly harmful, we hope these new findings change the way you look at sweetened drinks.

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