Authentic GAME OF THRONES RECIPES That Will Make You Drool

August 7, 2017

Game of Thrones

We are already knee-deep into the new season of Game Of Thrones and the hype’s just as huge as we thought it would be.

The GoT fans all around the world are at the edge of their sits (thrones) waiting for the next episode, and while the most hardcore fans are developing theories about what might happen in the upcoming episodes, one YouTube channel is trying to cool things off with a badass Game Of Thrones themed cooking video.

The channel is called “ Binging with Babish” and the main man behind it, Andrew Rea (a.k.a. “Babish”), has created an awesome recipes video inspired by the authentic dishes from Game Of Thrones, including:

  • purple wedding pigeon pie
  • lemon cakes,
  • and a Dothraki blood pie

And these truly look quite delicious!

Watch the video below:

As you can see, some of the authentic Game Of Thrones recipes covered here are perhaps too much for certain people (we are looking at you pigeon pies and blood pies), but the lemon cakes indeed look mouth-watering an are definitely welcome at any Game Of Thrones themed dinner party.

What’s your favorite Game Of Thrones recipe?

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