Americans Paying The Price Of Diet Fads

January 11, 2016


When the new year begins, many people make ‘decisions’ that are going to change their lives for the better.

More often than not, New Year’s resolutions revolve around losing weight, which isn’t much of a surprise considering the amount of overweight and obese people there are today.

Right after the resolution has been established, a massive amount of people (especially in the United States) turn to unhealthy quick-fix diets in order to achieve their newly found goals.

However, people in the USA don’t yet realize the price they’re paying for this trend.

The Scary Numbers

It’s not really the people to blame, but the media that virtually attacks us with advertising and corrupted social standards.

Claire Mysko, CEO of NEDA, said: “The reality we really need to be talking about is the fact that 35% percent of ‘normal dieters’ progress to pathological dieting and, of those, 20-25% progress to partial or full-syndrome eating disorders.”

She adds: “Americans spend billions of dollars each year on dieting. But the real price is the toll it’s taking on our health. Shows like The Biggest Loser and My Diet is Better Than Yours promote very unhealthy, quick- fix practices and unrealistic, ‘ideal’ body standards that encourage poor self-esteem and can be triggers to anyone predisposed to an eating disorder.”

Population research says that about 19% of adults and 3% of children are on a diet at any given time. This is caused by the society’s constant need to become thinner and the fear of being fat, while in fact these unholy dieting methods are cause side effects like anxiety, stress, and depression.

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