Amazing Things You Should Know About Zucchinis Part 1

November 19, 2015


Zucchinis have been a fan-favorite veggie for many years, and it’s not only because of their cute name!

This amazing vegetable is as versatile as veggies get, while also being an amazing source of minerals and vitamins you need.

You can eat them raw, cooked, steamed, baked – any possible way you like, and they still won’t lose any of their amazing nutrients.

As zucchinis have been ruling top of the veggie charts for year, you probably thought that you knew everything about them. Surprise, you were wrong!

Blossoms Are Edible

Zucchini is much like the tomato – it’s served as a vegetable, but it’s technically a fruit because it comes from a flower – a golden blossom that blooms under the leaves. Fun fact: you can eat the blossoms! Although they don’t sell them at grocery stores, you can buy zucchini blossoms at farmers’ markets.

Low In Calories

Next time you’re planning on serving a heavy meal, it would be a bad idea to pair it up with a light zucchini dish. This amazing veggie is incredibly low in calories, in fact, 1 cup of zucchinis has only 19 calories! That’s 50% lower than the same serving size of Brussels sprouts, or broccoli.

A Great Pasta Substitute

Have you ever hear about zoodles? You might want to check up on them before making your next noodle dish, because it might be the best decision you ever made! That’s right, you’re not limited to only adding zucchinis to your noodle dish – you can use them instead of pasta altogether!

A Friend To Your Heart

Packing a strong 295 milligrams per cup of potassium (which is 8% of your recommended daily value), zucchinis are
one of your heart’s closest friends! Potassium helps control blood pressure, cuts down stroke risks, and also lowers your odds of developing heart disease.

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