A Protein-Rich Breakfast Can Prevent Diabetes

May 4, 2015


Type II diabetes can be as harmful as it can be tedious. Aside from having to keep your blood sugar levels at check, you always need to pay attention to what you eat and how much of it you ate.

However, a recent study has shown that there is something everyone can do if they want to prevent blood sugar levels spikes caused by diabetes, and the trick lies in a breakfast packed with protein.

Protein For Steady Glucose Levels

A team of researchers from the University of Missouri, with Professor Jill Kanaley at its head, found that diabetics might have a better way for solving most of their problems.

As Kanaley said: “People often assume that their glucose response at one meal will be identical to their responses at other meals, but that really isn’t the case.”

“For instance, we know that what you eat and when you eat make a difference and that if people skip breakfast, their glucose response at lunch will be huge. In our study, we found those who ate breakfast experienced appropriate glucose responses after lunch.”

Everything Counts

The research team was observing the glucose, insulin, and several gut hormones levels in diabetics after breakfast and lunch. The subjects were separated in two groups – the first group was given high-protein meals, while the other one ate normally.

The results showed that the high-protein group had lower post-meal glucose levels. This effect was weaker after lunch, but the subjects from the first group showed normal blood sugar levels after breakfast.

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And there you have it. If you have diabetes or want to prevent it, just add more protein to the first meal of the day. Kanaley suggests 25 to 30 grams of protein at breakfast.

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