A New Solution For Muscle Cramps

February 21, 2015


Muscles are burning and cramping at the same time when we exercise too hard or in cases of more serious issues like nighttime leg cramps or multiple sclerosis. In any case, the feeling is beyond uncomfortable, but a possible solution might just be in sight.

Promising Results

A recent study by Rod MacKinnon, MD, co-founder of Flex Pharma in Boston, revealed that cramps can be controlled and prevented by neutralizing the neurons that are originally causing them.

Said MacKinnon: “We estimate that approximately four million US adults over the age of 65 suffer daily from nocturnal leg cramps, a condition for which there is significant unmet need since there are no approved treatments.”

“These leg cramps can cause distress, interrupted sleep, reduced quality of life and interference with activities of daily living.”

Cramps are caused by excessive firing of neurons found in the spinal cord. These neurons are responsible for muscle contraction, so the research team simply found a way to trick these neurons into reducing the intensity of signal-firing.

A Cramp-Free Future

MacKinnon added: “These results support our belief that this treatment has significant potential as a solution for people suffering from muscle cramping and possibly spasms from a broad range of neuromuscular disorders, nighttime leg cramps, multiple sclerosis, spinal spasticity and cervical dystonia. Cramps can impact even the world’s fittest athletes at critical times”

The cure for cramps is still in an experimental phase, but rest assured that MacKinnon and his team will deliver a working solution for this pesky problem in the near future.

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