A Brief Glimpse at Why you Need More Protein

October 16, 2014


To anyone considered to be a fitness nut or bodybuilder, the benefit of protein in a diet is like finding free money: you just can’t get enough of it. Protein is essential to maintaining proper body health and for rebuilding muscles after a good workout.

Some are not like the others

However, not all protein is created equal. Animal protein is considered “complete” protein, because it contains the right proportion of nutrients that the body cannot synthesize on its own.

If you’re a vegan or vegetarian, you can still find the protein you need in nuts or grains, but you would typically have to consume 20-25% more than you would with an animal product.

But fear not, for it is possible for vegans to achieve a championship bodybuilder’s body with a carefully managed amount of supplements as well.

Thankfully, today’s food market reflects some people’s need to reflect their morals through diet and supports a variety of brands and vitamins capable of making up whatever nutritional deficits brought on by an all-green diet.

But wait, there’s more

Protein is also useful for losing weight. Not only does it do wonders for muscle recovery, but protein in a diet has been shown to increase the length of time a person feels “full” after a meal. Many different debates take place each year on whether carbs or calories or fat is better to consume, but all of these schools of thought have one thing in common: a high amount of protein is recommended along with whatever form of nutritional energy is being consumed.

On average, a person is supposed to consume 0.77 grams of protein daily per kilogram of total weight. This will ensure that not only are you ingesting enough to maintain proper health in your muscles, but it will also give you a nice little energy boost, as excess protein is burned off to create an energetic feel in the body.

The uses of protein go far and wide. It is much more than a necessary post-workout shake for bodybuilders. Our bodies use it every day. Maintaining diet that contributes enough protein is essential to a healthy lifestyle.

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